Feelin' crafty...

Puppets material: wire, wool, wooden stick, fabric, lace, cardboard, paper and shiny thread.

puppets indian woman

Indian woman with guitar

…is made from pure curiosity how to make a puppet. I had a lot of craft material at home: fabric scraps, wool, wire, cardboard… Wooden sticks with ball were crystalized sugar sticks fot the tea. To reach ethno touch with Indian woman I sew lace on her skirt, stiched golden stars to the belt, stiched her shoes and plaited the braid into her hair.


…’Miss Harpsichord’, all shiny, well dressed and perfumed manor lady… Harpsichord or spinet is made in the same proportions like original instrument from 18th century.

puppets harpsichord player


…is my first attempt to make a puppet. In comparisson with the earthly Indian woman and sophisticated harpsichordist, is harpist all in whiteness and gold more of gentle and spiritual energy.


…still fiery concert bassist in concert suit and musical Trio is ready to go… Let’s play some music now!

puppets trio

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