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The musical performance of our group Link.Art is about connecting (link) different arts (art), like poetry, drama, music, visual art… For background scene of our performance I decided to choose paper art, because paper is linked to poetry, drama and visual art material. For each song of the performance I made one or two paper art “cut outs” with content related to the meaning of particular song. paper art

With paper carving and editing with the computer, first impressions started to appear. Our musical journey starts with carriage Link.Art. We go through slovenian medieval love story with Friderik and Veronika, then are following excerpts from first slovenian comedy ‘Zupanova Micka’ and drama Miss Jenny Love… paper art

…after baroque pieces the programm is shifting (baroque playwright observing movie camera) to slovenian movie music and popular songs… paper art

…one piece in the programme is dedicated to the memory of Slavko Avsenik, famous slovenian musician and composer for national folk music.

…one song in the programme is from worldknown slovenian versatile musician Joze Privsek, known also as Jeff Conway or Simon Gale.

…Our performance ends with famous movie music from The Wizzard of Oz

and song La Seine from the movie Monster in Paris… paper art

…work in progress, studio setting, light setting, “cut outs” editing, photographing and final result for scene background. paper art

Link.Art on stage… Gašper Primožič, Irena Kolar, Uroš Atanasovski, Simona Vodopivec-Franko, Zoran Kaličanin

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